Abducting Arnold Now Available!

A sequel of sorts to Halestorm (how do you write a sequel when your hero dies at the end of the first novel?), Abducting Arnold richly dramatizes the American Revolution’s most brilliant officer while turning little-known history into an edge-of-your-seat thriller.

General Benedict Arnold had already become America’s foremost hero when an internal coup among the Patriots gave “Radicals” control of the Continental Congress. With King George III all but overthrown, these newcomers exploit the vacuum of power to tyrannize their fellow Americans.Until they collide with Arnold. Gravely wounded but still dedicated to the Patriots’ Cause and to his Loyalist bride, Arnold wages the fiercest battle of his career to protect both wife and Cause from home-grown dictators…A novel of espionage, heartbreakingly close calls, and profound betrayal, Abducting Arnold will entrance you from its opening pages to its surprising denouement! Buy a copy now and delight that special person on your Christmas list.